Our Philosophy

We believe in more than just brewing exceptional craft beer. We’re on a passionate journey to revive the essence of memories, to recreate those cherished moments that warm your heart. Because, let’s be honest, beer is not just a beverage; it’s a timeless bridge that connects souls, an enchanting elixir that weaves unforgettable stories.

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Our Promise

We want everybody to experience the delight of bonding over a tasty brew, which is why our range is brewed to suit everyone, from the session beer drinker to the sharpest of tastes.

Our Mission

Our flavours strive to pay homage to the traditional owners of our land by incorporating native Australian ingredients such as lemon myrtle (used as a healing plant and anti-microbial agent) and Black Wattle (used as an analgesic – go figure).

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  • cheers@baronsbrewing.com


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